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Blissed Out Breathwork

All of the Journey, None of the trip.

Blissed Out Breathwork is a combination of my two favorite self care tools, Trans4mation Breathwork and Fantastic Fungi, rolled into one magical, mystical event!
Thanks to the ingenuity and determination of a dear friend in the mushroom cultivation space and his tireless efforts to create a powerfully calming, anxiety reducing, medicinal mushroom supplement, I am honored and grateful to bring you Blissed Out Breathwork.
Just one natural, vegan mushroom capsule combined with Trans4mation Breathwork is a GAME CHANGER to restore the parasympathetic nervous system (your ‘rest and digest’ response), induce profound serenity and reacquaint you with your true, divine nature!

Benefits of Blissed Out Breathwork Breathwork include:

  • Experience deep emotional release
  • Raise your vibration
  • Reconnect to your energetic, ethereal nature
  • Heighten your sense of connection/ oneness
  • Improve your mood and outlook
  • Reset your nervous system
  • Improve gut health
  • Boost your natural immunity
  • Get better sleep
  • Manage stress and anxiety more effectively

This experience is designed to assist you in reconnecting, resetting and recharging. The medicinal mushroom supplement is a combination of several medicinal mushroom strains and an ISOLATED, NON-PSYCHOACTIVE compound from a P. Cubensis species of the fungi. This is a completely LEGAL, NON-HALLUCINATORY compound which delivers profound relaxation and introspection WITHOUT any potential for a psychedelic or hallucinogenic experience.

Space is limited to six participants to keep this an intimate event.
We will begin with an introduction circle for the group. Proper breathing techniques will be shared and all questions will be answered. You will then be given the opportunity to express your intention. The Blissed Out Breathwork session will last approximately 60 minutes. There will be an integration circle afterward for the sharing of experiences with some light nosh.
The event can be held both indoors and outdoors, weather permitting.

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