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  • It’s Time to Make a YOU-Turn

Are you where you want to be? If yes…congratulations! Kudos to you for doing what it takes to arrive at a life of intention and purpose!

But if the answer is no, why not? What’s in your way? Actually, the better question is, who’s in your way? The honest answer is, YOU. Hard as it may be to hear, you are the thing, the obstruction, in the way of everything you desire.

But here’s what’s so incredibly beautiful about this difficult truth…YOU can change that! The deeper truth is ONLY YOU can change that. Face it, you can change very little in the world. Fortunately, changing your SELF is the most powerful and accessible agent of transformation available to us. Lao Tzu said it perfectly…”The greatest gift you have to give the world is that of your own self-transformation.”

Everything you can dream is possible, but this journey to your purpose requires fierce self analysis and self cultivation. Everyone tells you discipline is key. But no one teaches us how to be disciplined. It’s a whole lot of ‘just do it’ mottos and ‘find the willpower’ advice. But this falls flat for most folks as soon as they encounter some resistance.

Let me show you a time-tested and powerfully practical method of getting out of your own way so you can fly toward the life you desire and deserve! Join us every Wednesday from July 31 through August 28 from 3-5p EST on zoom. This course is FREE because we’re changing capitalism here at The WAY Home!

Contact Stephi at twhic1@gmail.com to interview and confirm your spot. Space is limited to six participants to provide an intimate and attentive experience. A short phone interview is required to secure your spot, so don’t delay as these spots fill up quickly. I hope to see you in Self Care School soon!

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